Pekin Homes for Sale

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Pekin Homes For Sale

Marigold Capital of The World

Moving to Central Illinois?  Consider Pekin, Illinois – located just 10 miles south of Peoria. From modest starter homes to new high-end residential developments, Pekin offers a quality of life that is by far the best value in the Peoria area.

  • We’re a place to play – with our very own water park, the 5th largest park district in the state and four championship golf courses.
  • We’re a place to learn – with an outstanding education system and many post-secondary education opportunities a short drive away.
  • We’re a place to work – with numerous employment opportunities available at nationally and regionally known companies.
  • We’re a place to enjoy life – with top-notch healthcare and many dining and retail options in town and nearby.

Plus Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis are only a few hours away!

Make your ideal home a reality in Pekin! We encourage you to browse through our site for more information on the city and all there is to do including shopping, entertainment and more.

Fun Things To Do In Pekin

Pekin Park District

“To improve the quality of life for the district’s residents by providing both active and passive recreational facilities, parks and areas.”

“Our park system is one of the treasures of our community. It is a wonderful blend of old and new, of memories and anticipation.”

In 1902, the residents of the area formed the Pekin Park District. The Pavilion. located on the southwest edge of Mineral Springs Park, was built in 1905 for $15,000. The park was once a cow pasture and the Lagoon was a watering hole for cows. Sulfur water was struck in 1879 and Pekin became a Mecca for vacationers who came to enjoy the water, believed to have healthful qualities. Water from the sulfur well was turned into the pond, and it enlarged into a fairly large lake. Thus, the Lagoon was formed. Pleasure boats and a large band stand were placed in the lake.

Since that time, the stewardship of our park system has been the responsibility of many different volunteer Park Board members. For the past 100 plus years, these elected representatives have carefully guided our park system through the inevitable evolutionary process as the recreational needs and interest of our community changed.

The Arts In Pekin

Speakeasy Art Center

Nice Place to bring the Community Together

The Speakeasy has Interesting Events and Art Gallery Openings. The architecture is old and genuine to the old time Speakeasy. Great Atmosphere.